Cherry Tree Chiropractic
20 College Ave.
Uniontown, Pa 15401

9 am to 7pm
Open Saturday until 3pm
We provide the most efficient,
fastest pain relief possible. We combine Chiropractic adjustments, Chiropractic therapy, therapeutic massage, and natural anti-inflammatory supplementation. I'm here for you. My goal is simple. My goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible so you can get back to living your life. We also provide nutritional counseling and testing. I have found that Chiropractic works even better when it's combined with dietary change and whole food nutritional supplementation. Many chronic headache, back, and neck problems are complicated by nutritional deficiency or toxins in the diet. Weak and inflamed internal organs can inflame the nerves returning to the spine causing chronic subluxation or misalignments. As Chiropractors we were taught that the spinal subluxations or misalignments cause the internal organs to become weak and inflamed. It's been my experience that it happens both ways and usually at the same time. Both the spine and the internal organs must be treated at the same time for the most efficient fastest relief.
Dr.John Dorobish
Palmer Graduate
27 years experience