Dr. John Dorobish
Cherry Tree Chiropractic
20 college ave
Uniontown, Pa 15401
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Just give me more coffee!

Why can't anyone
help me?

Why should I worry
about type 2 diabetes?
High Blood Pressure?
But, I cut out salt!
We combine: Chiropractic adjustments, Whole food nutritional supplementation, Home exercises, and Therapeutic massage.
Healing is done by the Holy Spirt, I'm just a tool.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I almost made it home
from the restaurant.
Gallbladder disease
Not just for Fat, Forty,
Fertile, Females anymore.
Acid Reflux
I woke up choking on
vomit !
Don't be a dummy about
whiplash. Get the facts!
Not another doggone
migraine headache!
We offer the following services
Chiropractic adjustments and therapy
Nutritional testing and counseling
Whole food nutritional supplementation
Licensed professional massage
Orthortic foot stabilizers
Biomeridian nutritional testing
Saliva analysis for hormonal imbalances
Home therapeutic exercise programs
Hair analysis for mineral imbalances
About our office
Dr. John Dorobish owner
2 conveinient locations
24 years in practice
Palmer College graduate 1991
Open Mon thru Sat. 9:00am to 7:00pm