The funny thing about chronic fatigue syndrome is, people who have it, turn to caffeine to help the problem and it does help for a little while, but the problem continues to get worse. They just think they need more caffeine.

If you read the page on fibromyalgia you'll see that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are the same problem. People with chronic fatigue have more fatigue than pain while fibromyagia people have more pain than fatigue. Most have both or have fatigue one day and pain the next. Please read the page on fibromyalgia.

Chronic fatigue starts with food that cannot be converted into energy. Real food that was created by God for us, his children, to eat contains energy and nourishment. It's when we humans change the food supply chemically that our bodies can no longer convert the chemically modified food into energy. We don't have the enzymes necessary to convert man made chemical foods into energy. As a result we skip breakfast because it makes us sluggish and we drink our beloved coffee. You can substitute which ever caffeine source that you like. Later when we start to get hungry we grab a cookie to keep our stomach happy.

We have been lead to believe that breakfast food like box cereal, "whole grains" beagles, toast, fast food biscuits, and the all time favorite doughnuts are suitable breakfast foods.

Here is what happens in your body to create chronic fatigue. It starts out okay because it feel good to drink that very first cup of coffee and how could life get any better. Just add a doughnut and nothing could be better? In place of a nutritious energy producing breakfast we subsituted caffeine which artificially stimulates the adrenal gland to produce cortisol a blood sugar elevator. Who needs food when you have coffee? When you do this day after day for months and years there is a price to pay. The adrenal glands shrink. It now takes more coffee to get the same feeling of energy. After a while you can drink all the coffee you want because the adrenal gland has nothing left to give. Chronic fatigue people can drink a pot of coffee and go right to sleep. Just like in the picture above, the coffee no longer has the effect it once did. We eat poorly and cannot regenerate the adrenal gland or get energy from the food we eat. This is chronic fatigue in a nut shell. The chronic fatigue person never changes this cycle of eating and as the adrenal gland gets weak and stays weak. It weakens the whole endocrine system. The endocrine system uses hormonal messengers to control and coordinate a whole bunch of other systems in the body.

I think it's pretty easy to see what needs to be done to help the problem. If you can't give up the coffee and start eating a real food for breakfast, you'll probable never get better.

Eat meat, fish, or eggs for breakfast not sugar and flour based foods. Eat fresh vegetables or fruit with the meat, fish, or eggs. This is where you have to start. Over the years using the Biomeridian machine I have been able to detect areas of the body which need extra support and supply supplementation to help recovery. Get in touch with someone in your area that carries Standard Process supplements and get started on adrenal gland support products.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome