Gallbladder trouble
Gallbladder trouble was once a female problem. The four F: Fat, Fertile, Forty, Female were the key indicators for the gallbladder dysfunction. The reason is high estrogen levels thicken the bile and makes it harder for the bile to move though the bile duct to the intestinal tract. Thanks to processed oil all ages and both sexes can have gallbladder trouble now. The reason is chemically modified fats and oils like hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils thicken the bile just like high estrogen levels. If you are a female and eating processed fats and oils your risk for gallbladder trouble is very high. I treat very young children preteens who are having gallbladder trouble. I regularly see teens who have already had their gallbladders removed.

It would be best not to have the gallbladder removed if possible.
You need to know how to take care of your gallbladder.

1) No chemically modified fats or oils
. Eat only natural oils.

2) High insulin producing foods cause estrogen dominance in both sexes. If you are hypoglycemic, diabetic or prediabetic you are most likely getting too much insulin. Read my page on type 2 diabetes.

3) High fructose corn syrup requires large amounts of insulin to process.

4) Eat beets they have a natural bile thinner or take AF Betafood or betafood from Standard Process instead of eating beets.

5) Make home made salad dressing using equal parts EVOO and lemon juice. You can add other spices and herbs like garlic. This naturally helps the liver and gallbladder to release and pass stones.