Migraines can be caused by a bunch of different things. What do you do when you have had every test for everything and they all come back normal and you still have a headache with no answers. Most people just take the medications and hope they work. After being a Chiropractor for 27 years, I know that Chiropractic adjustments and therapy help some people but not all.

Here is what I have found about migraine headaches. They are an accumulation of heavy metals in the brain. Copper and aluminum are attracted by the brain when the adrenal glands become drained. It's a lot like having a concussion. When you have a concussion you have blood on the brain and the blood contains iron. Iron is a metal that conducts electricity. The iron interferes with normal electrical impulses. The metal creates static in the brain electrical impulses. Copper and aluminum are excellent conductors of electricity. Our electrical lines in our houses are copper. The electrical lines that bring electric to our houses are aluminum. When the adrenal glands become drained due to stress, cafeine, skipping, breakfast, eating too much sugar and white flour our brains attract the metals that cause static in the electrical impulses resulting in migraine headaches.

I use hair analysis to check for heavy metals.I use biomeridian testing to evaluate the adrenal glands as well as the rest of the glands.

I treat each patient specific to their needs based on the testing I perform.

I make the following recommendations for general migraine relief.

No caffeine it runs the adrenal gland down.
Eat protein for breakfast.
Cut out sugary and white flour foods.
Don't skip meals, low blood sugar triggers migraines.
Avoid MSG and all 35 names it goes by.
Avoid high fructose corn syrup it will cause low blood sugar.

Start with these recommendations. Even though they are general and not specific all my migraine patients must do this too.