Type II Diabetes
Why should you worry about type II diabetes?
The CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) has predicted on their web site that by the year 2050 one in three people will have type II diabetes. I believe them and I think in my area of the country it will be higher.

The CDC also states on their web site that type II diabetes is " Preventable and Controllable"

The CDC's recommendations to prevent and control type II diabetes are diet, exercise, and medication.

The CDC also states that there are 2 types of type 2 diabetes. Insulin deficient and insulin resistant. Most people are being treated for the insulin defficient type when they should be treated for the insulin resistance.

I don't have type II diabetes and never will because I know what causes it and know how to prevent it. I teach people how to help prevent and how to help control it if they have it.

Type II diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar. It is the inability to get the sugar from the blood stream into the individual cells where it is converted into fuel for energy. It's a fuel delivery problem. It is not caused by too little insulin but can end up that way as the sugar levels rise beyond the ability to produce adequate insulin. The problem starts with insulin resistance at the individual cell. Over time more cells become insulin resistant. Insulin resistance means the cell blocks the insulin from bringing sugar into the cell. Again it's a fuel delivery problem. Why do the cells block the insulin and cause insulin resistance? The cell membrane is the key. The cell membrane is the outer covering of the cell which provides selective entry into the cell. The membrane is a phospho-lipid membrane which is meat and fat. Real fats in the food are being replaced with chemically modified fats like hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils just to name two. As you eat these fats and oils the cell membranes become infected with the chemical oils and block insulin, creating insulin resistance. Diabetics continue to get worse because they have been taught to control sugar and carbohydrate consumption not to cut out processed oils and fats.
Cells are constantly being replaced and the newly born cells are born insulin resistant and may a replace a cell that was old but not resistant. As more and more cells are replaced by insulin resistant cells the condition becomes worse.

If you want to prevent and control type II diabetes follow the CDC recommendations, but do this too. You must eliminate all processed, chemically modified fats and oils from the diet.