Acid Reflux in Uniontown

Acid Reflux in Uniontown

Chiropractic Uniontown PA Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is not caused by too much acid. Read on to learn why acid reflux happens and ways chiropractic care in Uniontown advises doing in order to prevent it.

Why Do We Need Acid in our bodies?

Acid needs to be in your stomach but not in your throat. There is a valve in the throat to prevent reflux. The valve is activated by high acid levels. When you eat something your stomach releases acid and the valve closes. This keeps the acid in the stomach. The acid digest and purifies the food. You need acid to digest calcium and Vitamin B12. You also need acid to kill stuff that you don't want to take up residence and live in your intestines. So why is the acid getting past the valve and into the throat?

Why does acid reflux happen?

Acid reflux is a result of fermentation. Fermentation happens when food rots instead of digesting. Fermentation creates explosive gasses that force the acid up into the throat. These gasses force the valve open and the acid just goes along for the ride.

The food rots instead of digesting for two reasons.

  1. Chemical preservatives: The preservatives stop the food from digesting. You have acid, enzymes, and bile to digest the food but they cannot digest chemical preservatives. You cannot digest a food in 3 hours that has been preserved to last on a shelf for 30 years. As a result, the food lays in your gut partially digested and begins to ferment. The fermentation creates the gas and the gas forces the acid up into the throat. It mostly happens at night because you are standing or sitting during the day and gravity helps to keep the acid down.
  2. Low Acid Levels: Poor digestion due to low acid levels. Yes, I said low acid. Stress stops acid production. High stress equals low acid. Low acid equals poor digestion and doesn't trigger the closing of the valve.

Combine these two things together and you get acid reflux.

My experience with acid reflux and ways to prevent it

I had acid reflux. Everyone I knew had acid reflux. Acid reflux got me started into nutrition. I got tired of waking up choking on my own vomit. I was determined to fix the problem and I did. And you can fix your acid reflux too. I can eat a sausage pizza and go right to sleep and not have to worry about reflux. I make my own pizza from homemade dough from my bread maker. The sauce is from tomatoes or tomato puree with no preservatives, real cheese, and locally grown ground pork that I season myself. It's more work and much less convenient than picking up the phone and ordering a pizza, but if I do that I'll get acid reflux just like everyone else.

Below are things that you must avoid:

  • Processed, chemically modified fats and oils
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate) and its 35 different names

Store-bought bread even whole wheat contains all three of these as well as sugar and yeast to really get the fermentation going.


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