Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome is a by product of eating processed oils. When you go to the restaurant and order off the menu there isn't much that isn't going to be prepared using processed oil. Most everything you will eat at a restaurant will have processed oil in it or will have been prepared with processed oils. Processed oils are infammatory and irritating to the bowel. They don't digest well and pass quickly into the intestines where they stimulate the paristalic motion of the intestines. The reason they don't digest well is because they are no longer natural oil, they are chemically modified oils. Your body produces bile and enzymes to digest natural oils but has difficulty digesting the chemically modified oils. Eating at a restaurant will overload your system with processed oil. Your salad dressing will be a processed vegetable oil. The bread will have processed oil it. The margarine you put on the bread is processed oil. The main course will be deep fried or grilled in processed oil. Dessert will have several different processed oils in it. It is easy to see why eating out or eating in with processed oils will lead to Irritable bowel syndrome.